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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 3, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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just in around schwarnold g schwarzenegger announced he quits the show.
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quoting too much baggage. brian, what more is he saying? >> very interesting word in the statement. this breaking the past few minutes. not a total surprise, because this program the prentice became pretty political, maybe a victim of political polarization, the show was known for that famous saying "you're fired" it seems to be arnold saying i quit. but his statement, i loved working with nbc and mark bernett. he said i would love to work on a show that doesn't have this baggage, well, president trump criticizing him while on the show, and the protests from
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anti-trump groups and that might be some of the baggage arnold was talking about. there were questions whether it was going to be renewed after all and so maybe they're ready to retire "the apprentice." >> right now president trump is visiting a catholic school in orlando to push school choice and happening as his administration is get ago schooling itself after casting doubt on the need from a travel ban. we just pehed from the presiden and vice president on obamacare. first vice president pence. >> we expect in matter of days you're going to begin to see a very brisk pace of legislative activity, we're going to repeal and replace obamacare and at the same time, we're going to replace obamacare with the kind of solutions that will lower the
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cost of health insurance for every american, an ordererly transition to a new better health care program and be sure we don't leave anyone behind. i was not aware of jeff sessions meeting nor would i expect to have been. the president and i have full confidence in the attorney general, he's a man of integrity, as the president said he could have answered the question more clearly but it was clearly unintentional. i think he's corrected the record appropriately and we're just very confident in his ability to lead this agency and respect his decision to recuse himself. >> i'm going to turn to senior white house correspondent jeff zeleny, we just heard from the president about jeff sessions, what did he say? >> he was talking about this whole issue involving russia, but as the president was leaving the white house earlier, he's clearly not leaving behind all
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the issues russia hanging over him. but he did send out this, it was a jab at the minority leader chuck schumer, he says we should start an immediate investigation into senator schumer, and his ties to russia and putin, a total hypocrite, trying to make the arm this is all a partisan witch hunt in his words. senator schumer of course as now politicians do, firing back immediately on twitter, says i'll happily talk about my contact with mr. putin and his associates that took place in 2003 in front of media and press, and under oath, would you and your team? >> it is republicans who are raising questions and really called on the attorney general to recuse himself.
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that's why that happened yesterday not because of democratic criticism, because of republican concern about all these meetings with the russian operatives and the one question still remaining, what were they meeting about? what were they talking a bt during the campaign last year that's something the white house and the president has not answered. >> after examining 88 -- we should note this report is based on unsealed information, not based on classified data, this is the second homeland security document to under mine the ban, because there was another one that said it was an unreliable threat indicator. is the white house responding to this? >> the president ran for this
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office on and certainly throughout the course of the campaign, remember back in the first week of office he said it was so urgent to sign the travel ban, now the week is drawing to an end without signing the second ban, it is in part because of reports like this from homeland security and legal challenges as well, but briana, a silent administration here on that dhs report, they do still, the president still plans to sign what they believe is a new and improved travel ban affecting majority muslim countries six of them at least but that will not happen this week and we do not have a timetable when it will. >> jeff zeleny thank you so much. i want to bring inpape, he recently released a study revealing very similar results to this homeland security finding. part of a team of researchers and analyzed 112 people arrested for isis-related offenses in the
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u.s. first tell us professor what kind of cases did you study, what percentage of these crimes were carried out by refugees citizens included in the travel ban. >> absolutely. myself and a research team spent six months studying every isis terrorist in the united states since they began march 2014, every individual indicted in u.s. courts or carried out an attack in the united states. and this is based on court documents, detailed records provided by the fbi and others, and so this is not just kind of a random collection of facts, this is extremely systematic based on thousands of pages of court documents. what we see is a picture that should really disturb us if
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we're talking a tbout the trave ban, 2/3 are born in the united states, 1/3 are converts to islam, that is they're not coming from long-established muslim communities, the travel ban focussing on the seven countries only deals with 17 of these individuals, that's about 10% of the problem here. this is not the world of 9/11. 9/11 all 19 hijackers were foreign nationals who crept their way through our leaky immigration system. we have greatly tightened our immigration system over the last 15 years and the terrorist groups are responding and radicalalizing people here not trying to sneak them in. >> so those are the 90% of the problem, so what do you need to do to deal with 90% of the
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problem? >> we need to recognize that nearly all of these terrorists are watching propaganda videos and either online media or other way and that's what is radicalizing them, so we need the blunt the videos, divert from the videos, respond to the videos and we need to better understand what it is about those isis propagandavi videos that's inspiring americans and that's what we're doing here at the university of chicago. >> it is great research, not simple from the way you just described it. thank you so much. we appreciate you taking the time to be with us? >> thank you. >> during a week when russia has been the dark cloud over the white house, david petraeus is giving the white house a silver lining talking for a call between the u.s. and russia in
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the fight against isis and al qaeda and sat down for an exclusive interview with cnn fred plan kken in berlin. what kind of case did the general make for cooperating with russia and the war on terror? >> reporter: well, he said exactly that, there could be limited areas where the u.s. and russia could cooperate on and believed that the war on terror and specifically the war against isis in syria could be one of those place whereas the u.s. and russia could find some sort of accommodation, at the same time he also warned the u.s. should be very, very careful when dealing with vladimir putin and his government. >> it's very clear what vladimir putin's objectives are an many cases they are unacceptable to us, nato and allies around the world. there could be some convergence
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of interest when it comes to the islamic state and al qaeda and stopping the bloodshed as an over all obltive as -- objective as well. >> i would go into this with my eyes wide open with a very realistic appraisal of what russia has done and putin would like to do, i think dialogue with one's adversary is not one that should be avoided, i think you should actually pursue it. >> i want to get your take of general mcmaster, how well do you think he's going to do? international security council, obviously a lot different from the past for instance with steve bannon at a lot of these meetings. >> first i think general h.r. mcmaster is an extraordinarily talented individual, brilliant
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in muind and as team builder, i think he will ensure that the cabinet secretaries are brought into this and that the options and recommendations provide today the president will be whole of government and thoroughly thought through. >> reporter: very wide ranging interview where he also touched on his criticism of the fact that a state department might see a cut in funding, some to have things we have heard from the president over the past couple of days. by and large he had a constructive tone towards the trump administration, said look, a lot of things we have heard from president trump in the early days, a lot of that has already been toned down as the administration moves forward and gets obviously some to have appoint eees in place. >> thank you so much. great interview in berlin with general petraeus. >> a bizarre seen, one senator
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literally going hunting for his own party's plan to replace obamacare, while another lawmaker talks to a statue. details ahead. vice president mike pence used a private e-mail account while governor despite ripping hillary clinton over her e-mail controversy. >> and threats against jewish centers and why it apparently vo involves a romantic relationship.
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kentucky senator rand paul wants to see the gop obamacare replacement bill. he took his demand tweeting the
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obamacare bill remains hidden from the public, what secret location will they meet in this weekend to work on it? . he went an a scavenger hunt and had unexpected company. >> we're not allowed to be in this area. >> i would like to read the obamacare bill. this is being presented as if this were a national secret. i think there's a bill in there, it's the secret office for the secret bill. we have got our own copy machine too, but we didn't get to use it. i'm told that the republicans have their aca, affordable care act bill, repeal somewhere in
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the capitol. we're going to look for it. it's not here. >> i can't find the bill. i know mr. lincoln, you are as upset with your party as i am. thank you all. just in vice president mike pence promises a plan in the coming days, that is important to take note of. cnn kate baldwin spoke with senator rand paul, joining me now, and the senator, kate, says his staff is still searching capitol hill. >> yeah, still searching capitol hill, actually beyond, he says he has his staff searching all of washington, spoiler aall right, it was not set to that
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perfect music, but here is what the senator had to say. >> what makes you concerned that the fix is in on this? >> when we heard it was secret we wanted to see it more because if it is secret you do worry people are hiding things, we think there's a lot of obamacare like in their bill, a new entitlement program that will increase about 5% a year forever, a cadillac tax or something similar that was in obamacare, and individual mandate believe it or not instead of may -- paying it to the government, you have to pay it to insurance company. and there needs to be an open debate about it so as we speak my staff is still going around washington looking for the bill. >> as you well know, briana, he and his staff don't have to look very far.
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it's still being written by the relevant committees, that's not sexy, but that's called regular order in washington and i asked the senator if he had specifically spoke to paul ryan, he did not answer the question directly. >> so maybe there probably is. >> so maybe, maybe perhaps. but behind the political theater, there is real concern, he's not alone. conservatives are concerned from some it was leaks they have seen and details they have seen about it stuff they don't like and the fact of the matter it just kocos down to math. if they're not going to get any democrats to vote, they're going to need republicans, maybe not rand paul, but they need him in house, the caucus, the republican committee and right now they don't seem to have it locked up and i don't want they won over rand paul yet. >> maybe they never will.
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kate baldwin, thank you so much. have a wonderful weekend. next newly released documents show vice president pence discussed official business while governor of indiana. and that account was hacked and moments ago he said there's no comparison between he and hillary clinton's server, i'll talk to someone who says the hi pock racy is stunning.
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hypocr vice president mike pence rejected the acquisition thcusas use of the private server to hillary clinton's. some topics sensitive while governor of indiana. this was an e-mail we mention
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that was actually hacked. >> there's no comparison been hillary clinton's practice and having a private server mishandling private communication, destroying communications, we have fully complied with all of indiana's laws. >> critics were quick to draw parallels that he drew against hillary clinton. >> she had a private server once found out by the media she had a private server presumably to keep communications out of the reach of public accountability he used tie technology and hammers. >> they have reopened the investigation into hillary clinton's handling of classified documents on a server.
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is a serious matter. the american people have especially have had enough of the fast and loose ethics of the clintons and sounds like the department of justice is getting there too. joining me is robby mook, the campaign manager for hillary clinton and weathered the storm of hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. when you hear the vice president say there's no comparison, what is your reaction to that? >> it's just not true briana. we hear those crowds he was so eager to whip up around this issue. he was doing the same thing himself. honestly i think this is symbol i can of that's going on with this administration at large, big promises to drain the swamp, bring jobs back to america, they have only -- the swamp is getting bigger. the lies that are heaping up
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certainly with the attorney general lying committing perjury during his confirmation hearing we find out mike pence was doing the same thing he was criticizing hillary clinton for >> why do you think it was the same thing? >> well, they were both using private e-mail. >> but she used a private server. she deleted e-mails or her aides did or lawyers did while she was under subpoena. >> and mike pence has refused to turnover some of his e-mails saying they're too sensitive. >> his office says they're in the process of processing that. i mean he was hacked. i will give you in a. >> and hillary never was, and hillary never was. >> she had more sensitive information she was transmitting. i mean do you really think it was the same thing? >> it absolutely was the same thing, but what is important here is not the comparison of the e-mails they're going to do
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that just to try to confuse everything. what's deeply distressing in contrast to the fake controversy around hillary clinton's e-mails and mike pence proved it was a fake controversy, they'll never investigate mike pence, the russian government hack into the dnc stole information and strategically leaked it. every day we're told about more and more meetings, we were told there were no meetings then carter page said he never met with the russians now we find out he did. we have got to get to the bottom of this. people need to testify you should oath. not lie the way our attorney general did to the senate and make sure this never happens again. >> robbie, i hear what you're saying about when it comes to russia contacts and there are a lot of valid questions, but
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don't under cut when you talk about hillary clinton and e-mail -- it's not mutually exclusive to have been a controversy and republicans making hey over it, it was very much a real issue and even shep though it took her a long time admitted she shouldn't have done it. i don't know anyone that said yes, she should have done that and wouldn't it be if it were a fake controversy? >> and i'm not going to relitigate what hillary said or whether it was right or wrong. all that got litigated on the c campaign. what was proved was that the hysteria was manufactured. they should be investigating the gentleman who was just confirmed to be director of the epa who also was using private e-mail and wouldn't turn those e-mails over. but again, my point is we have a real national security issue.
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>> but he wasn't a public servant while he was doing. >> well, but -- >> and i think we are expecting to get his e-mails. >> i want to put that out there, there's a difference between a governor and being in the private sector. i want to get your sense on this because obviously your campaign i don't want to -- not interaction but certainly had impact because of the fbi and how they handled their investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail. adam schiff top house intel committee member is saying when it comes to this investigation and ties between russia and the trump administration that the fbi is not cooperating, not being forthcoming, how much of this is about maybe a little bit of sweet revenge when it comes to our former boss? how much of this is valid and how much is making hey about this because of politics? >> i don't think this is political. in fact that's why it's so important that this matter be
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referred to an independent bipartisan commission, let's get the politicians out of this and let's just get the facts. we know the russians hacked the dnc, we know they put out materials specifically with the intent of influencing the election, and we now this got an enormous amount of media coverage. it shouldn't happen again and the mistake i think some people are making is they are looking at this as a democratic, republican issue and it's not at all. that's why everybody needs to step up out of the partisan fray and get it out. when director comey was so eager to release information during the campaign, actively told reporters not to talk about this issue during the campaign and congressman schiff says he believe it is fbi has been with holding information, i believe the director of the fbi should step away from the issue the way
12:34 pm
that the attorney general has. i don't see there's trust there of the director's motivation, he should get out of it and get it to an independent commission. >> that's special counsel. if i were to put hillary clinton in the shoes of donald trump, robbie, you have to admit she would never agree to an independent commission when there was special counsel for her husband bill clinton she was opposed to it and in retrospect you can see why because it was supposed to look into white water and ended up leading to perjury about monica lewinsky and his impeachment. there's no way she would agree to independent counsel. >> i don't think hillary clinton is germane in this situation, donald trump is the president and the leadership in congress is the leadership, and they have got to step up and recognize unless there's a structure independent above the partisan
12:35 pm
fray questions are going to remain, and the attorney general what was revealed and the fact that he committed perjury in front of the senate panel on this exact issue, i just think has put way too much doubt in the air. look, i think it would be great if it could be dealt with in a simpler way but the republicans have refuse today investigate this and it's gotten so bad and so many people are entangled the only real option here is an independent commission. >> there are certainly a lot of valid questions as you do say, robby mook, thank you for being with us and take time. >> police make an arrest of on going investigation of jewish bomb threats across the country, but the motivation at least in this case may have been a bad breakup. stay with us.
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we are getting new pictures of president trump in orlando stopping at a catholic school and took part in a parent/teacher conference vent. >> senator marco rubio, secretary devos, approved a couple weeks ago and she's the one we all report to when it doms education and i know you're going to have a fantastic relationship with the secretary and is going to be a lot of good things for your school. it represents one of the many schools of our nation's most disadvantaged, but becoming the opposite through education and with the help of school choice
12:41 pm
programs. -- joined martin luther king on the march. on that day reverend king hoped that inferior education would become as he said quote a thing of the past, and we're going to work very much toward the future and what he predicted to be the future. as i have said in my address the congress and just about any place else i can speak education is the civil rights issue of our time. >> what are you studying? >> today, we are learning about florida. >> why are you liearning about florida? >> because today is florida's birthday. >> so this the best -- in the state? >> yes. >> and do you have the best teachers in the state? >> yes, we do.
12:42 pm
>> and that's why the president wanted to come and see your class because he heard how smart each student here was. >> what are we all? >> we're scholars. >> and where are we going? >>. [ inaudible ] >> the college i want to go to is boston university. >> that's a good school. >> i want to go to johns hopkins. >> that's good. do you want to be a doctor? is that why johns hopkins? that's good. what do you all want to be when you grow up? what do you want to be? >>. [ inaudible ] >> that's a good idea. so you want your own business and you're going to make a lot of money, right? but don't run for politics after
12:43 pm
you do. >> what do you want to do? oh, good. how about you? [ inaudible ] >> good. well, that's exciting, right? you're all going to be very success. you're going to work very hard, because you have to work very hard and you're going to be very, very success. okay. good luck everybody. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. thank you. >> from orlando the president goes to the winter white house, his mar-a-lago palm beeach resort. >> it's still costing millions to maintain the presidential get the away from camp david. cnn investigates that ahead.
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a former reporter accused of threatening some jewish community centers have been arrested. juan thompson said he made threats against at least eight community centers because of a broken relationship. this is part of disturbing stories, cnn's brynn bingras has more. tell us about the suspect and the targeting and this weird reason behind it. >> it's definitely weird. juan thompson is believed to be behind eight, remember just eight bomb threats against jewish institutions, of reports
12:49 pm
of 100, he did it allegedly to harass a woman he had a relationship with. and he e-mailed the anti-defamation headquarterers in new york and said he was behind it and was making more bomb threats tomorrow. the fbi says thompson continues, by making threats to jcc centers in schools and states and in some cases looked like his ex-was framing him. the threats that he made against he's jewish centers was really a culmination of of all that, he's expected to be charged with cyber stalking, a former journalist, fired from a online
12:50 pm
news site intercept, and he has previously denied that reason for firing two cnn. >> so moments ago the anti-defamation league held a news conference addressing this. here is whap. -- what happened. >> we've never volume of bomb threats that we've seen. when you add the anti-semitic vandalism evan described at cemeteries and synagogues, the public arena around the country, when you multiply that by the anti-semitism that we're seeing online where more people are likely to engage and see anti-semitism on their phone than they are in their neighborhood, and when white supremacists in this country feel more emboldened than they ever have before because of the public discussion and the divisive rhetoric that includes within the presidential campaign, i would say you can't separate an incident like this from the broader context.
12:51 pm
>> and we know that the jcc association of north america met with fbi director james comey. what came of that? >> reporter: brianna, they wanted to say we have your back. but remember law enforcement says there is possibly a person or a group of people possibly from overseas that are behind these bomb threats specifically. so, they also sort of reassured members of the jewish religious community that, you know, what we're going to continue this investigation and we're going to hopefully make more arrests in the future. brianna? >> thank you so much for that. two new orleans police officers who happened to be brothers are using their love of music to help young people in their community. officer james kerr and sergeant gregory johnson are going beyond the call of duty by enforcing the law by day and volunteering at night as marching band instructors. cnn's nick valencia has the
12:52 pm
story. >> reporter: the beginning of the day usually starts the same way. both say being police officers in new orleans has been a lifelong passion. but over the last few years, it's something else that's really brought them closer together. when they're not on the job, both volunteer teachling band students in new orleans. officer kerr leads the percussionists. while detective johnson is over the color guards. >> you're picking up your feet also. >> we know what the kids get out of it, incredible mentors. what do you get out of it? >> my joy is to see a kid go to college on a scholarship, partial scholarship, anything that will help him or her and their family. >> just seeing them here and not in the street and not having to deal with them on the other side of the law, that's, you know, what i get out of it. >> always a plus. >> reporter: officer kerr says
12:53 pm
his life has become intertwined with the lives of the students he mentors. two years ago he recruited his brother to come along for the ride. everyone seems to have benefited. >> come do this after school, put in work with this, stay out of trouble, off the streets with everything going on in new orleans. >> it's just like meaningful because he's just like nice and treats you with so much respect. and the fact that people are saying things about police, it's not true. >> reporter: it makes you think differently about cops? >> yeah. >> i can remember plenty of days i was beat on the porch right here in this same spot. >> reporter: ever since they were little kids, the two brothers have loved music. standing outside of the inner city new orleans home where they grew up, officer kerr says it's right here where it all started. >> the local high school is right around the corner. some days they'd be out practicing trying to play what they were playing. >> reporter: it's the discipline music taught him he now tries to impart on his students. >> a lot of times they say i
12:54 pm
want to be great. you have to put the work in. >> they're saying it's beyond the call, but it's just something natural. >> reporter: nick valencia, cnn, new orleans. >> nice to see a story of them giving back to the community. fantastic. i do want to let you know that just now, donald trump, president trump heading to palm beach, arriving there for his weekend trip at the winter white house mar-a-lago, his resort there. this is the fourth time that he has come to florida for a weekend since he became president. you just saw senator marco rubio there as well, as he just left air force one, and here we have coming down, we have jared kushner, the wife of ivanka trump, the son and law and top advisor to president trump. and ivanka trump herself carrying little baby theodore there as they are getting into the limousine. one of the limousines there in palm beach at the palm beach
12:55 pm
airport. and we are awaiting president trump. i guess president trump has already -- has he already departed -- de planed? he has already de-planed and they are on their way. theodore needs a seat belt, i think. they're heading there to m mar-a-lago for the weekend which is going to be a working weekend, of course, we'll have more after a quick break. (vo) maybe it was here,
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subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand. and best overall brand. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. in just two weeks we are going to introduce the first cnn hero of 2017, and here's how to nominate someone. >> ready to ride? >> yes. >> bring it in, girl. >> yeah! >> reporter: every year cnn heroes honor people doing extraordinary work to change lives. we've crossed the globe to tell the stories of these amazing heroes. >> come on, go all the way to the end. >> reporter: but we can't do it without you. we need you to tell us who you think should be a cnn hero. >> look how far we've come.
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fantastic. >> reporter: you can nominate someone in just a few simple steps. go to cnn, fill in the forms and tell us about your hero. it's that easy. you could help make your hero a cnn hero. shine some light on their amazing work. >> the lead with jake tapper starts right now. >> thanks, brianna. russian to judgment. "the lead" starts right now. new questions today about president trump's inner circle and why it turns out that despite the president's claims to the contrary, we keep learning about top advisors who met with russian officials. his son-in-law being the latest. what were all these meetings about? an rest tied to some of the tlts aimed at the jewish community, some bizarre details about the suspect. what would allegedly lead him to commit these acts of hate? plus, camp david cobb webs, the many ghosts of history are the only current guests at the presidential retreat this t